LS Mtron secures your quality with all automotive industry. With our turnkey solution, we can be your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

WIZ-E Series

The WIZ-E Series is the result of years of research and experience in the development and manufacture of injection molding machines. These exceptional machines combine the benefits of servo electric technology, an injection speed/pressure control algorithm, conformance to safety standards, a 5-point toggle clamping system designed by FEA analysis, and a high speed injection molding mechanism.

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WIZ-EC Series

Two Color / Dissimilar is the process of molding two or more different materials into one plastic part at one time with multiple injection unit and index unit. WIZ-EC Series have benefit of performing variety of design, color representation and reduction of cycle time and widely used in various industries. LS Mtron offer you total solution for multi component injection based on accumulated know-how and specialized technology in control system.

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WIZ,WIZ-X Series

WIZ model is the best-selling mid-sized hydraulic injection molding machine in korea. These machines are the latest renewed in 2015. Increasing a molding capacity, decreasing the maintenance cost, particularly optimized in the automobile and electronic components.

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WIZ-T Series

Model WIZ-T is compact hybrid series of 2017 which is designed and produced by LS Mtron, it adopts high performance servo motor and KEBA controller, so it can reduce energy consumption and increase power-saving effect by providing optimized control to oil flow and pressure

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the ONE*

LS Mtron has focused its R&D capability built upon its long history through development, evolution, and advancement fromhydraulic models and beyond and with design by its accumulated knowledge of molding technology and safety standards torespond to the changing trends and demands of injection molding requirements to meet customers' needs.As a customer-oriented enterprise LS injection molding machines always put customers first with technology and service.

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WIZ-VR Series

WIZ-VR Series is Vertical Injection molding machine. WIZ-VR Series can save energy with A hybrid system and improve productivity with A big/fast rotating platen. LS Mtron provides the best solution for the customer who is looking for vertical machine.

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