DC-ES Series

  • Frame structure

    Frame stiffness is improved with using H beam
    Reduced welding point : Frame shifting reduced
    Wiring the cable and hose inside of frame : improved product appearance

  • Electric Safety door

    Open/close position control/adjustment
    Reduce friction of door sliding

  • Improved precise mold open position(±0.5mm)

    Proportional, high-response and servo valves

  • Improved half-nut structure

    Adopt new type, reduce 2 cylinder , Improved efficiency
    Clean environment with oil lubricated bearings (No grease)
    Reduction of impact on half-nut and longer service life of parts.

  • Two or multiple color injection

    2 separated injection unit
    Moving forward/back or turning right/left with LM GUIDE

360˚ Digital Showroom


LS Mtron secure your quality with all automotive industry. with our turnkey solutions, we are your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry ? from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

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