the ONE* Series

  • Half nut structure improvement

    Shortening the half nut tightening time by 30%

  • Available for heavy mold mounting

    Increases allowable mold weight by 250%

  • Improves the tie bar strength and decreased errors

    Applies a U-shaped Tooth Form to Tie Bars

  • KEBA Controller

    Quick response and user interface reinforcement

  • Tie bar pulling system

    One-touch automatic tie bar separation

  • Simplifies the injection oil pressure line

    Removes separate pipes and processes flow paths inside

LS Mtron has focused its R&D capability built upon its long history through development, evolution, and advancement from hydraulic models and beyond and with design by its accumulated knowledge of molding technology and safety standards to respond to the changing trends and demands of injection molding requirements to meet customers’ needs. As a customer-oriented enterprise – LS injection molding machines always put customers first with technology and service.

360˚ Digital Showroom

Home appliances

LS Mtron’s injection&molding machine is specialized for heat resistant polymer resin which is used on 24hours working device - mobile phone, electric watches, computer etd.,- Thus, you can achieve mass production quality.

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LS Mtron secure your quality with all automotive industry. with our turnkey solutions, we are your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry ? from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

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