WIZ-E IBM Series

  • Mold Close Cylinder

    Fast Blowing Mold open/close speed

  • High stiffness center press type moving platen

    Improve productivity multi cavity
    Minimizing platen deflection

  • Compressed Air Supplying Device

    High pressure Air Unit (12~20Kg/cm2)

  • Extended daylight for IBM mold

    3~20% up compare to previous model

  • Mid Mold Bracket

    Mid Mold core concentricity improved

  • Mid Mold Moving Device

    Servo Mortor, Ball Screw
    Precise mid mold position

  • Revolving Mold Device(Servo Motor)

    Improving turning position precision
    Simultaneous (Turning platen during mold opening)


    Real time data setting and operation
    User-friendly UI
    Hot Runner Controller(option)
    USB port, Key switch (Option)
    Manual operation button

  • Speed /pressure precedence mode

    User can select the mode depending on products
    Pressure precedence mode (applying for heavy wall products or good looking products)
    Speed precedence mode (Applying for thin products )

  • Increased injection volume

    13~27% up compare to previous model

  • Applying strong & quick response AC servo motor
    to realize high injection speed

    Injection Speed Maximum 500mm/s

  • Servo motor controls individually and simultaneously

    Platen open during plasticizing / Ejection durong opening planten /Injection during increasing pressure
    Reduce cycle time (productivity improvement)

LS IBM Series(Injection Blow Molding Machine) can be applied on cosmetic, medical, foods container and baby product. IBM Series have benefit on energy saving effect and quick cycle time.

360˚ Digital Showroom


We offer utmost safety and clean work environment without oil leakage. It is best solution for medical product manufacturing system.

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Packaging industry request more fast and precise machine for high productivity. With our high efficient injection speed and powerful clamping force, our machine enable to produce thin product and reduce the cooling time.

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