WIZ-EC Series

  • Pneumatic Stopper

    Easy replacement of stopper
    Tapper type(Easy to revise correct position)

  • External distributor

    Easy replacement of distributor and additional installation of cooling port
    Simple rotating plate(Removing internal cooling line in rotating plate)

  • Applying Servo motor rotating plate

    Adopting AC Servo motor realizes faster mold rotating time
    & more precise position control
    * Improving high speed mold rotating time within 0.9sec in 150ton machine.
    * Improving high speed mold rotating time within 1.20sec in 250ton machine.
    * Improving high speed mold rotating time within 1.80sec in 400ton machine.

  • Platen size

    Enable using variable size mold by longest tie bar distance and
    longest adjusting distance of mold in Korea
    * Index UNIT size ø805(150ton)
    * Index UNIT size ø1100(250ton)
    * Index UNIT size ø1320(400ton)

  • High stiffness center press type moving platen

    Improve productivity multi cavity
    Minimizing platen deflection


    Real time data setting and operation
    Independent control primary and second injection
    USB port, Key switch (Option)
    Manual operation button
    User-friendly UI

  • Speed /pressure precedence mode

    User can select the mode depending on products
    Pressure precedence mode (applying for heavy wall products or good looking products)
    Speed precedence mode (Applying for thin products )

  • Increased injection volume

    - 13~27% up compare to previous model

  • Applying strong & quick response AC servo
    motor to realize high injection speed

    Injection Speed Maximum 300mm/s

  • Servo motor controls individually and simultaneously

    Platen open during plasticizing / Ejection durong opening planten /Injection during increasing pressure
    Reduce cycle time (productivity improvement)

Two Color / Dissimilar is the process of molding two or more different materials into one plastic part at one time with multiple injection unit and index unit. WIZ-EC Series have benefit of performing variety of design, color representation and reduction of cycle time and widely used in various industries. LS Mtron offer you total solution for multi component injection based on accumulated know-how and specialized technology in control system.

360˚ Digital Showroom

Home appliances

LS Mtron’s injection&molding machine is specialized for heat resistant polymer resin which is used on 24hours working device - mobile phone, electric watches, computer etd.,- Thus, you can achieve mass production quality.

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LS Mtron secure your quality with all automotive industry. with our turnkey solutions, we are your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

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