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LS Mtron continuously evolves and develops to create values for customers and society.

ㆍDate of Establishment
ㆍRepresentative director
Bon-Kyu Koo
ㆍNumber of Employee
8800 billion won
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Main Operations

LS group

  • 2003년 LG그룹으로부터 분리
  • 산업용 전기/전자 및 소재, 기계, 부품, 에너지 분야의 리딩 기업


A history of success based on endless efforts to become the best. LS Mtron's challenge to the future.

  • 2011 ~ 2020
  • 2012. 06
    Developed IML (In-Mold Labeling) Injection Molding Machine (280ton)
    2013. 03
    Developed full electric Injection Molding Machine for mobile phone. (150~650ton)
    2014. 02
    Developed new type of Hybrid Injection Molding Machine: WIZ-X 1300~3000 ton.
    2015. 01
    Developed new type of Hybrid Injection Molding Machine (WIZ 500~1100 ton) and vertical type Injection Molding Machine(110,150 ton)
    2015. 02
    Developed full electric 850ton for automotive parts
    2015. 08
    Developed IBM(In-Mold Blowing) 170ton.
    2015. 10
    Developed WIZ-PLT(Pallet special) : 700~4000ton.
    2016. 01
    Developed full electric line up : WIZ-E Series (18~850ton).
    2016. 04
    Developed WIZ-E CPM(Cosmetic Packaging Machine) : 220,280,380ton.
    2016. 11
    Developed Premium Hybrid IMM , the ONE* : 500~3300ton.
  • 2010
  • 2010. 01
    Promulgated Vision: Smart Future Relies on LS, Overcoming Limits with Communication and Change
    2010. 03
    Sold a hundred thousand Injection Molding Machine in total accumulation
    2010. 04
    Developed electric ultra-high speed Injection Molding Machine (LGE-110UHS, 150UHS)
    2010. 05
    Held thank-you party for VIP (Anyang, Cheonan, Gwangju, Daegu, and Wuxi in China)
    2010. 06
    Newly established sales head office (Anyang in Gyeonggi-do)
    2010. 10
    Developed mid-large scaled premium S model (650S, 850S)
    2010. 11
    Developed super-large scaled premium S model (2500S), Won an award for outstanding quality from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Hyobeom Ahn)
    2010. 12
    Developed new type of Electric injection molding machine of LGE-220, 280, 320, 380 ton
    2011. 03
    All electric injection molding machine for LGP (Light Guide Panel)
    2011. 06
    Developed toggle power-saving Injection Molding Machine (LST 68~730ton)
    2011. 08
    Concluded industrial-academic technology collaboration with Korea Polytechnic Colleges
    2011. 12
    Won silver tower of the order of industrial service merit from national quality competition (president, Jaesul Shim), an award of outstanding quality, and an award of outstanding group performing division of task
  • 2000
  • 2000. 03
    Developed Two-Platen combined super-large scaled LGH-M Series (450~1,050ton) and 450 tons of molding press for light guide plate. Developed 50 tons of small scaled hydraulic Injection Molding Machine and LGH-D Series Line-up for four types of equipment (80, 250, 300, 350ton). Developed 50 tons ultra-speed but -small scaled Injection Molding Machine.
    2001. 03
    Acquired safety-mark on all the items
    2003. 03
    Developed eight types of electric Injection Molding Machine (LGE-Series, 30~300ton)
    2003. 04
    Produced more than 10,000 Injection Molding Machine
    2003. 08
    Developed electric Injection Molding Machine, two types of Injection Molding Machine for cell phone (110, 150ton), two types of Injection Molding Machine for light guide plate (50, 110ton), and two types of Injection Molding Machine for lens (50, 150ton)
    2004. 07
    Introduced an innovative program of Toyota
    2004. 08
    Developed LGE II-Series eight types of electric Injection Molding Machine (30~300ton) and 170 tons unique Injection Molding Machine
    2004. 09
    Won a Jangyoungshil award of electric Injection Molding Machine (Ministry of Science and Technology)
    2004. 12
    Developed four types of ultra-large scaled hybrid Injection Molding Machine (850, 1300, 2500, 3000ton)
    2005. 04
    Established foundry (Established a joint corporation, Casco, with Doosan Engine and Samyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd)
    2005. 07
    Released 4000 ton level Injection Molding Machine for the first time in Korea (4500 tons Injection Molding Machine)
    2005 09
    Constructed the LSMIW factory in China
    2006. 07
    Constructed the factory at Jeonju
    2007. 12
    Developed two types of mid-large scaled electric Injection Molding Machine (450, 550 ton)
    2008. 03
    Released two types of Hi-Cycle, power-saving, and ultra-large S-model (1300, 2000ton)
    2009. 06
    Won the highest awards in the competition in Korea for group performing division of work (Yongam group)
    2009. 08
    Developed unique electric Injection Molding Machine line-up : 250C, and ultra-large improved models 3000S
    2009. 10
    Developed mid-large scaled and upgraded Injection Molding Machine : 1050S, and electric upgraded model: 180III
    2009. 11
    Developed 200 ton HYBRID Injection Molding Machine: LGE 2000HB, and hydraulic ultra-speed Injection Molding Machine (1300mm/s)
  • 1990
  • 1991. 01
    Directly exported nearly 100 Injection Molding Machine to Russia for the first time in Korea (75 ton level~450 ton level, 7 million$) Developed one type of direct pressure EN-Series Line-up (IDE35EN) Developed one type of perpendicular Injection Molding Machine (VCD90EN)
    1992. 06
    Developed 1800 ton level ultra-large scaled Injection Molding Machine for the first time in Korea (ID1800HM), afterwards, developed 1300 ton and 1600 ton Line-up Developed one type of direct pressure EN-Series Line-up (IDE350EN)
    1993. 03
    Developed H-series precise Injection Molding Machine (IDE170H) Developed 170 ton 100 ton 220 ton 80 ton Line-up (February, 96)
    1994. 06
    Developed one type of direct pressure EN-Series Line-up (IDE1000EN), export it to America
    1995. 08
    Developed 3000 ton level ultra-large scaled Injection Molding Machine for the first time in Korea (ID3000HM)
    1996. 05
    Concluded an agreement of supplying 110 Injection Molding Machine to the biggest tie pioneer company in Korea (75~450ton level, 10 million$)
    1996. 08
    Developed a ground-breaking LGI-series that removes large-scaled brother cylinders (LGI450) Took 20 years since June, 1994
    1996. 10
    Constructed a factory for self-stamping exterior parts of Injection Molding Machine
    1997. 02
    Developed injection molding press
    1997. 03
    Acquired CE-Mark on all models
    1999. 05
    Released four types of LGH-D Series (100, 130, 170, 220 ton), and two types of molding presses for light guide plate (220, 350 ton)
  • 1980
  • 1983. 10
    Took over assets and business rights of Gunpo factory of Korea Heavy Industry and Construction
    1983. 12
    Produced 100 Injection Molding Machine
    1984. 07
    Relocated the factory of heavy machine at Gunpo in the field of Injection Molding Machine produced from LG Electronics Inc and started producing Injection Molding Machine Produced total nine types of Injection Molding Machine produced: ID75S, ID80S, ID90SE, ID130S, ID140SE, ID160S, ID200SN, ID315SN, ID515SN
    1985. 03
    Concluded the third technical cooperation with Toshiba and three types of ultra power-saving Injection Molding Machine (IS-E series)
    1985. 05
    Developed complete automatic and ultra-precise Injection Molding Machine Developed one type of ID905EP (Attached Servo Valve)
    1986. 04
    Developed 50 ton level small scaled Injection Molding Machine (ID50EN)
    1987. 05
    Developed two types of 25 ton level Injection Molding Machine (ID25EN, ID25END), started exporting Injection Molding Machine to China and South-East Asia
    1987. 10
    Developed three types of perpendicular Injection Molding Machine (VOCD30, 45, 75S), and five types of direct pressure EN-Series Injection Molding Machine (IDE75, 90, 140, 315, 550EN)
    1988. 02
    Produced 1000 Injection Molding Machine
    1988. 10
    Acquired the first grade in the factory management from Industrial Advancement Administration (For the first time among Injection Molding Machine-dealing companies)
    1988. 10
    Concluded production partnership with REMU, a large-scaled Injection Molding Machine dealing company in Italia for 7 years Available to mass produce 11 types and 27 models of 650~5000 ton level Injection Molding Machine Developed two types of bent-style Injection Molding Machine (ID75, 140SEV), and three types of direct pressure EN-Series Line-up (IDE160, 200, 850EN)
    1989. 03
    Developed two types of direct pressure EN-Series Line-up (IDE450, 650EN)
  • 1960 ~1970
  • 1969. 06
    Concluded technical cooperation with Toshiba in Japan at the Changwon factory of LG Electronics Inc and produced Injection Molding Machine Developed six types of 50~315 ton Injection Molding Machine (IS-AN series)
    Established machine operation department at LG Electronics Inc. and started selling items to the market Developed 10 tons of self-model perpendicular Injection Molding Machine and direct pressure ID80S-series
    Concluded the second technical cooperation with Toshiba Produced six types of IS-CN Series (Developed three types of Injection Molding Machine of ID200, 315, 515SN)