About LS Mtron


The CI of LS Mtron expresses its commitment for its customers.

Guidelines concerning the CI and Color System Regulations for maintaining LS group's Identity - Developing from a device-centered business into a company that offers total solutions


It expresses the expertise, transparency and intergrity of LS Group.
The soft curve of the rounded Gothic font represents the determination of LS to do it's best to induce the highest customer satisfaction.


Ambitious and Progressive Thinking
The arrow represents the strong desire of the LS Group to move bravely forward into the future and its boundless competency as a creator of a new paradigm. It also symbolizes the vision of LS to become a world leading solutions company.

LS Mtron

Mtron is a compound word made by combining the words 'machinery' and 'electronic.' Together they express the vision of LS Mtron to grow as a high-tech manufacturuer of industrial machinery and state-of-the-art electronic and automotive parts.

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LS Mtron (Width)

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