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For training to enhance professional education,
LS Mtron Technology Training academy
was opened in 2014.


LS provides a unique education program for appropriate
machine application and safe maintenance. Systematic
education courses are held on a regular basis via
industrial-academic collaboration supported by the
Korean Ministry of Labor, and various convenient facilities
are established. The lectures are provided by the most
renowned engineers in the field of Injection Molding
Machines. In addition, all trainees will have opportunities
to experience hands-on practices with machine simulator
that allows to practice with all-electrical and hydraulic
Ȩ ٷΰ
Specification Course Name Detailed Education Contents Department in Charge
Hydraulic S-series control education Screen and electricity diagram Development Team (Control)
Hicom 5000/Gefkor Hicom 6000
S-series hydraulic/device education variable pump structure and operation Development Team (Hydraulic)
Hydraulic circuit/Time chart
Tie-bar location controlling type
Difference from HM model (Sealing and filtering)
M/HM-series control education screen and electricity diagram Development Team (Control)
Controller education
M/HM-series hydraulic/device education LS61.62 adjusting method Development Team (Hydraulic)
Hydraulic circuit/Time chart
Installation, test operation and improved trouble-shooting installation and test operation process of each model CS team
Program download method
Zero-adjustment method of each part
Induction motor structure and theory
Improvement of resolving capability via interpretation of basic programs (S/M/HM)
Electric Electric Control Education Electric Specifications Development Team (Control)
Figure/Injection Molding Machine System Structure
ESA functions and operations
Control device sequence
Alarm dismissing method
Download method
Installation, Test Operation Improvement of Trouble Shooting (More than 450 tons) CS Team
Confirmation of servo pack and alarm and dismissing method
Ductility estimating method
Toggle pin bush or ball screw exchanging method
Option Understanding of Functions of Each Option QDC Functions and Sequences QA Team
Shut off nozzle operation
Heart Runner
Opened mold while plasticizing
Ejector B
Open safety door
Valve gate
Injection Molding Machine speed booster device
Robot Interface

Education Schedule (Months and dates of education)
Apr. May June Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(2 days, designated branch)

(3 days, CS members)

(2 days, CS members)
(2 days, customers)
(3 days, overseas GENT)
(2 days, designated branch)

(3 days, CS members)

(2 days, CS members)
(2 days, customers)
(2 days, designated branches)

(3 days, CS members)

(2 days, CS members)
(3 days, overseas AGENT)

* Advanced courses for CS members do not include 1)installation, test operation, and improvement of trouble-shooting course and 2) understanding of functions of each option course

Course Name
The number of members
8 Svc Man refresher training    Two times in the first half of the year 25
7 Overseas Agent education    6/9~13 ~ 10/20~24 15
6 Education at designated branch in Korea    ~ 20
5 Education at designated branch in Korea    ~ 20
4 Customer special course (ceo)    11/07 ~ 30
3 Intermediate course (hydraulic) course for customers (users)    8/18~22 ~ 11/13~14 20
2 Intermediate course (electric) course for customers (users)    5/15~16 ~ 10/16~17 20
1 Entry level practice for customers (users)    3 / 13 ~ 14 40

As for inquiries of participation in education courses above, please contract relevant branch in the region [See branches in the nation] or a person in charge of C/S education (Assistant manager, Hyunghwan Kim:063-279-5688 / E-mail: creative@lsmtron.com).