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  • Improved productivity with Dual Operation
  • Conventional Serial Machine
  • New S series
  • Energy Saving
  • - Save power more than 30% via applying P,Q controllable Variable pump system
  • No leakage
  • - Merkel sealing system
    - Applying high quality filter system
    - Protecting pollution via operating separately Controller Up-Grade
  • High Productivity
  • Unique clamping mechanism enables the clamp pressure to increase in a very short time with four short-stroke clamping cylinder and the high-pressure design
  • Controller Up-Grade
  • - Remote monitoring and Production management
    - Rapid scan time
    - Strengthen graphic interface for user
    - Increasing the data capacity and recording management
  • - Safety first design (CE-MARK)
    - Enhanced sensing per device and a separate lubricator
  • Minimum space & weight reduction
  • - Reducing the floor space over 20% via unique Two-Platen clamping mechanism compared to conventional hydraulic machine
  • Save power more than 30% via applying P,Q controllable Variable pump system
  • High productivity & Oil leakage protection with Merkel seal
  • Feature of Merkel sealing system
  • - scratch by seal -> No Oil leakage
    - internal chip forming -> No damage (packing & cylinder)
    - Pressure leakage during boosting -> Reducing Energy loss & Cycle time
    - Able to precise control via reproducibility
  • Injection Closed Loop Control System HICOM-5000 TFT Color LCD
  • - 640 x 480 Resolution TFT color LCD
    - 4 page user screen
    - Auto tuned PID closed Loop for injection process-IMPACT
    - Line graphs-Speed, Pressure, RPM, Bar graph - temperature, pressure ramping
    - Statistical Process Control(SPC) - Selection of 10 parameter for last 100 shots
    - Auto tuned PID temperature control
    - Self diagnosis, alarm and monitoring
    - Multi-lingual selection(Max.10 languages)
    - Internal(CF Memory) and external access(Flashmemory thru USB-option) for mold data
    - Ethernet access(optional)
    - Security codes for access