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Small and Middle size Hydraulic IMM
  • 80 ~ 350 ton
  • The LGH-D Series, designed with LS’s high technology, meets the demand for precision molding. Improved rigidity of the platen provides more precise and stable products.
  • Optimized design through FEA
  • Precise molding is provided by the optimized design of the platen. Designed using finite-element analysis of the rigidity of major parts, our platen achieves precise molding by minimizing mold deflection caused by the clamping force.
  • Excellent and smooth control system to relieve back pressure
  • By adopting a sliding bearing (or sliding type bearing) in the injection cylinder, we minimized friction to achieve faster recovery and precise molding. The back pressure control device, increased plasticizing quantity on charge, and extended scope of low pressure control maximize the effectiveness of the molding process.
  • Control for more precise molding
  • Adopting the linear potentiometer to detect the position of the clamp, ejector and screw and installing a pressure sensor and hydraulic oil temperature sensor as standard features has resulted in greater precision.
  • Advanced hydraulic system
  • The characteristics and durability of the circuit are improved by installing a DC solenoid valve and DIN connector as standard features. Enhanced mold protection and accurate repeatability are provided by using separate controls for the mold break speed between open and close and by adopting a filter-type oil cleaning system to improve the durability of hydraulic devices.
  • New and diverse injection unit
  • Nozzle centering is easy to adjust with the newly adopted four bolt alignment system on the injection unit. Diverse injection module series offer the customer a wide selection of injection pressure and shot sizes. The injection unit features a new standard 21:1 screw with an L/D increased by 5% to handle a greater variety of resins.
  • Clean outer appearance
  • The new design has a simple, modern style and customer friendly image. The back frame is exceptionally clean due to simplifying pipes and covering the lower part.
  • Remote control for user convenience
  • User convenience is highly improved by placing all operational functions on a single control panel. This includes location, pressure and temperature sensors, elector-magnetic proportional control valves for clamping and injection and screw back pressure.
  • High speed control system(HICOM-700)
  • The Hicom-700 is controlled by a high speed control algorithm and is a super precise controller with high speed response from the latest microprocessor.
  • - 800 x 600 resolution TFT color LCD
    - Line graph for speed, pressure, bar graph for temperature,
    - Auto PID temperature control
    - Self diagnosis, alarm and monitoring functions
    - Multi-lingual selection
    - Security codes for different levels of access
    - Management of the machine on network (Option)
    - Printer port (Option)
    - Unit converting function (Metric / Inch)