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 Title LS Mtron participates in Mexico ‘Expo Plasticos’ from November 7th
 Name 일반관리자  등 록 일 2018-10-01
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A global plastics exhibition ‘Expo Plasticos 2018’ will be held on November 7, 2018 in Mexico Guadalajara. The exhibition began five years ago, and it is being held regularly ever since then.

‘Expo Plasticos’ has shown the largest growth in Mexico and become an international exhibition and business forum for machinery, technology, raw materials and plastics solutions.

Expo Plasticos provides various plastics raw material solutions for all kinds of processing technology and also solutions for businesses that need efficient waste disposal and management.

In this exhibition, 173 world famous plastic machinery, raw materials, ancillary equipment companies and 800 brands including Mexico local plastic processing and automotive part companies. (65% local companies, 35% foreign companies)

LS Mtron also participates in ‘Expo Plasticos 2018’, the biggest plastics exhibition in Mexico, held from November 7th to 9th.
This time, Maincasa, a LS Mtron’s distributor, in Mexico area participates in the exhibition with the largest booth (about 30 booths) and showcases WIZ550E.
The booth number is #1600. Please visit our booth and experience LS Mtron’s latest technology and solutions for your plastic process.

Guadalajara is the largest city in Jalisco state and the top 3 plastic consumption and production city. The plastics business is known to create about 20,000 jobs in Jalisco. In addition to the exhibition, you can look around Guadalajara to discover the best sights, culture and traditions.

Take a look at the vibrant daily life of Mexico and get their systematic plastics industry solutions at the same time.

The venue, ‘Expo Guadalajara’, holds more than 80 exhibitions and more than 100 corporate events every year.

If you are worrying where to stay in Guadalajara, you don’t need to worry about it. Because Expo Guadalajara is located in the center of the city, there are a lot of hotels around. As there are more than 3,000 guest rooms in the vicinity, you ll eb able to stay comfortably, safely, and abundantly.

Please visit and enjoy ‘Expo Plasticos 2018’ with LS Mtron. (Booth No. 1600)

[ Homepage ]
   ● Expo Plasticos: expoplasticos.com.mx/2018/en/
   ● LS Mtron Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/lsinjection
   ● LS Mtron facebook: www.facebook.com/lsinjection

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