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 Title LS Mtron Showcases Injection Molding Technologies at ‘VietnamPlas 2018’!
 Name 일반관리자  등 록 일 2018-09-01
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LS Mtron Showcases Injection Molding Technologies at ‘VietnamPlas 2018’!

- Exhibits WIZ-T Series (160 tons) and WIZ-E Series (220 tons)

- In the meaning of expansion of its sales network in Vietnam

LS Mtron participates in ‘VietnamPlas 2018’ held on Oct. 4 to 7 (4 days) at Saigon Exhibition &

Convention Center exhibiting latest rubber and plastics technology including plastics 

injection molding machine, raw materials, relative systems and solutions.

At VietnamPlas 2018, LS Mtron exhibits and demonstrates a hydraulic injection molding machine

‘WIZ-T Series (160 tons)’ and an electric injection molding machine ‘WIZ-E Series (220 tons)’ 

and provides the produced products to visitors at site.

Together with LS Mtron’s new Vietnam branch, its participation in VietamPlas 2018 signifies 

expansion sales network in Vietnam market. LS Mtron is focusing on rising its Injection 

Molding Machine brand recognition in worldwide by participating in international exhibitions 

such as Chinaplas 2018(China), NPE 2018(USA), VietnamPlas 2018(Vietnam), 

etc. LS Mtron will be your reliable partner with our technology and know-how, 

developed from Goldstar and LG for 50 years.

From now on, we invite you to join our trustworthy journey for the future!

Booth information : Hall A Booth No.700

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