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 Title Introduction of LS premium injection molding machine the ONE*series
 Name 일반관리자  등 록 일 2018-08-06
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Introduction of LS premium injection molding machine the ONE*series (500~3,300tons)

Injection molding machine is a core manufacturing facility for producing plastic parts 

used in medicine,packaging, automobile, tronics and home appliance. LS premium 

injection molding machine, the ONE*series, is composed of 500-3300 tons based 

on clamping force.

It manufactures 1-40kg parts, and its major markets are mid and large-sized 

automobiles, packaging and home appliance.


Compared to the conventional two platen injection molding machine, it is equipped 

with large and heavy molds with high productivity (the world's best dry cycle) 

and reproducibility equivalent to those of leading companies. It also has CSI 

function that can flexibly respond to customer's smart injection plant implementation.

 In terms of energy use, power saving servo motor is standardized. 

The two platen hydraulic injection molding machine with 10-20% smaller size is 

advantageous to distance adjustment, compared to a three-platen toggle type.


The domestic injection molding industry has not been meeting the expectation 

of large domestic corporations that have grown into the world 's leading companies.

Recently, many client companies are moving their factories overseas. Large corporations 

tend to purchase machine of major manufacturers while SME client companies become 

interested in Made-in-China aggressively entering the domestic market with low price.


LS mtron Injection Molding Machine Business Division has implemented a smart factory 

for better productivity to secure a base platform for hydraulic injection molding machine.

In order to enter new overseas markets dominated by European and Japanese 

manufacturers, we have developed advanced injection molding machine with excellent 



The control and operation system of LS premium injection molding machine, 

the ONE*series, has been designed in the mold development stage, aiming 

to improve the productivity by reducing the mold protection and take-out robot

error to implement precise stop position and reproducibility. For multiple diameter 

screws, appropriate injection device can be chosen to install to reduce the 

investment cost.


In addition, a injection device has been developed with simplified hydraulic line for quick 

and easy replacement of the barrel assy. A tie-bar pulling machine has been introduced in 

order to enable the mold installation at a factory with low ceiling; and S/W modules 

(e.g., CSI-C, CSI-M) have been developed for the injection machine to control and manage 

peripheral devices to prevent operator's error and reduce error detection time.

◈ Major performance and quality of The ONE* series

1) Dry Cycle Time, mold opening/closing speed, world's best position      

   reproducibility ±0.2mm

  -High pressure of hydraulic system: mold opening / closing speed increased due to 

   compactness of hydraulic cylinder

  -Half-nut structure improvement: Half nut, fast and simultaneously moving up and down

  -Minimizing friction force: removing the tie bar bush, applying the sliding bush for 

    high level of load

  -Application of KEBA controller : Precise control with closed loop control

  -SSI-Type high precision digital position sensor: resolution 1 μm, repetition accuracy

  -Electronic proportional valve of high performance large capacity: Hysteresis 1 

    -> 0.1% or less, repeatability 0.5--> 0.05% or less


2) Heavy mold installable, implementing clean environment

   Improvement of fixed and moving mold support structure 

   : Allowable mold load increased from 1% to 2.5%

   Sliding bush for high level of load: semi-permanent self

   -lubricating application, no need of maintenance, 

    oil recovery system applied

3) Half-nut structure change, improvement of oil cleanness 

   and prevention of oil leakage

   -Half nut fastening time, reduced by 30% or more

   -Half nut changed from simultaneous side-to-side operation to simultaneous up 

     and down operation: When the half nut is closed, 

     tie bar can be horizontally supported.

   -Improvement of tie bar, half nut screw (trapezoid shape -> U shape)

    : unified mold clamping force and high pressure mold stability improved

   -Cleanliness inside the oil tank improved: Special coating treatment

   -Oil flow reduced: based on 1,800 tons 3,400L--> 2,000L

   -Welded pipe not used: Zinc plated extension pipe. 

     FKM sealing applied pipe fitting, O-ring hose fitting

4) Structure change of injection molding device

   -Quick barrel change system: when changing the barrel assy, 

     replaceable without injection molding device rotation

   -Application of barrel supporting device: Prevention of 

     wear and sagging

   -Moment zero nozzle touch structure: no moment due to 

     eccentricity of nozzle cylinder arrangement parallel to barrel

   -Modulation response enhanced

5) Automatic tie bar dissembly system

   -One touch automatic tie bar dissembly, no need to assemble

     : easy to install the mold at a factory with low ceiling, 

     no need to use a mold cart

For more information on LS premium injection molding machine 

the ONE*series, 

please visit LS Emtron website http://lsinjection.com.

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