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 Title The First Successful Debut of LS Mtron in ‘VietnamPlas 2018’
 Name 일반관리자  등 록 일 2018-10-22
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The First Successful Debut of LS Mtron in ‘VietnamPlas 2018’

- Media coverage was very active toward LS Mtron

- Recorded the longest line of visitors on the queue at the booth

LS Mtron Molding Machines Division successfully had the first debut at ‘VietnamPlas 2018’ which was held in SECC exhibition hall of Ho Chi Minh on October 4 to 7 of this year.


At the exhibition, LS Mton exhibited WIZ 160T(Compact Hybrid: bath chair) and WIZ220E(Full Electric: stack type drawer) and offered the injected products to visitors as free gifts. Therefore the visitors lined up on the queue in order to receive the gifts at LS Mtron booth.  


LS Mtron official said, “It was the greatest number on queue ever among all the exhibitions we had participated. I am very satisfied with our first participation in VietnamPlas.”

   Visitors are waiting on queue to receive products.

LS Mtron also attracted many visitors by the booth design. On the bottom of the booth, white tiles were laid and lots of lights were installed to make effects of spotlight. As the result, the booth received great compliments as the most bright and sophisticated atmosphere.

Not only this, LS Mtron disaplyed Korean and Vietnamese national flags in consideration of friendly relation. They were placed throughout the booth, capturing the hearts of Vietnamese visitors.

▲   LS Mtron Booth at VietnamPlas 2018

LS Mtron booth got many spotlights from active coverage of reporters. Many kinds of Vietnamese media such as INFO TV, FBNC including interview by the organizer CHAN CHAO got concerned on LS Mtron. 


Media reporters focused on asking about impressions of LS Mtron as a Korea company exhibiting in VietnamPlas, and LS Mtron showed their expectation to expand their business in Vietnam plastics market.   

   Vietnamese press - INFO TV coverage

LS Mtron also conducted the subscription event on Facebook in celebration of their first debut in VietnamPlas. And all the prepared products(100 handy fans) were sold out.  


Many visitors said “We realized that LS Mtron is very active on Facebook thanks to the event. We will continuously have interests on LS Mtron page.”  


If you visit LS Mtron’s Facebook page, you can check the videos and photos of LS Mtron’s outstanding work in VietnamPlas.  


LS Mtron had consultations with many buyers and customers and had also succeeded in selling injection machines during VietnamPlas. 


A marketing representative of LS Mtron said that “Beginning with this exhibition, we will continuously expand our business in Vietnamese market. We will make various efforts to get closer to customers online and offline so that we can imprint LS injection machine on Vietnamese customers.”

You can see details on www.lsinjection.co.kr, www.facebook.com/lsinjection, and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFnLGK3VWNemYefj__FZj2g.

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