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  • LS aims to be a company providing leading solution to customers, contributing to society, and making dreams of employees come true. All the employees at LS will exert the greatest efforts to make LS as the most beloved brand by customers in Korea.
  • Managing business fields of electronic equipments and system, automatic devices and system, metal processing, and traditional tools, LSIS provides a total solution based on IT that pursues a future technology and global industry-leading company, differentiated company, value-providing company, and the company achieving win-win with customers..
  • The scope of business of the best cable and system company in Korea, LS Cable and System, covers information and communication, electricity, parts, components, and machine industry. Especially, LS Cable and System actively invests on R&D with parts/components industry as a new growth engine. LS Cable and System is realizing consumer satisfaction with the best technological skills and service in order to achieve a vision of "Your No.1 Creative Partner."
  • LS-Nikkor  Ʈ ٷΰ
  • The big name in the history of non-ferrous metal mining industry in Korea, LS-Nikko Cooper Inc produces electrolytic copper in a globally renowned quality. LS-Nikko Cooper Inc exchanges and shares cooper smelting technological skills with Japan to invest even more for the perfect quality and will open a new future in the field of cooper smelting process with the best technology in the world.
  • As the first cable company in Korea, Gaon Cable is realizing more convenient world by delivering knowledge, information, and energy. Gaon Cable is an advanced cable-manufacturing maker including electronic cable, a major component in the industry, communication, and optical cable that serves as a pivotal role of networking a new world with partnership management that everyone is satisfied with.
  • E1 Corporation has pioneered an eco-friendly era by proceeding large scaled LPG business for the first time in Korea that currently provides more than 50% of the entire imported amount of LPG in Korea. E1 Corporation will be with customers as an eco-friendly company that provides 'life-energy' based on non-disaster tradition after being established and harmonization with older generations.
  • Yesco is a third ranked company providing city gas to downtown and eastern-northern areas of Seoul and several areas in Gyeonggi-go (Guri-si, Namyangju-si, and Pocheon-si) using LPG that exert an effort to make a new leap as a company of comprehensive energy service.