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2010's 2010's
  • 2010.1
    Promulgated Vision: Smart Future Relies on LS, Overcoming Limits with Communication and Change
  • 2010.3
    Sold a hundred thousand Injection Molding Machine in total accumulation
  • 2010.4
    Developed electric ultra-high speed Injection Molding Machine (LGE-110UHS, 150UHS)
  • 2010.5
    Held thank-you party for VIP (Anyang, Cheonan, Gwangju, Daegu, and Wuxi in China)
  • 2010.6
    Newly established sales head office (Anyang in Gyeonggi-do)
  • 2010.10
    Developed mid-large scaled premium S model (650S, 850S)
  • 2010.11
    Developed super-large scaled premium S model (2500S), Won an award for outstanding quality from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Hyobeom Ahn)
  • 2010.12
    Developed new type of Electric injection molding machine of LGE-220, 280, 320, 380 ton
  • 2011.3
    All electric injection molding machine for LGP (Light Guide Panel)
  • 2011.6
    Developed toggle power-saving Injection Molding Machine (LST 68~730ton)
  • 2011.8
    Concluded industrial-academic technology collaboration with Korea Polytechnic Colleges
  • 2011.12
    Won silver tower of the order of industrial service merit from national quality competition (president, Jaesul Shim), an award of outstanding quality, and an award of outstanding group performing division of task